Friday, September 12, 2008

if I had only realized it's now September.....

For those few people that actually find this blog and read it (Hi Mom!), I apologize for not posting anything since April!!! My, how the time flies!!!
Here we are in September, the Fall, my favorite time of year! Pumpkins, mums, leaves falling, a nice chill in the breeze... I love it! It is only fitting that while enjoying a lovely fall day in the city of Philadelphia, that my sister and I conjured up a fabulous idea!
The idea being to start a new blog.... One where we are honest. One where we lead you in the right direction. One where we dine. One where we wine. And one where we have a blast while doing it!
So, today be on the lookout for the first post at "if we were food critics....". We hope you all enjoy our opinions on restaurants around Philadelphia (and beyond)!!